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Codility is a remote hiring platform for engineering teams.

Codility is a remote hiring platform for engineering teams. They use our platform to predict the real-life skills of their technical candidates at all stages of the hiring process, via unbiased and relevant assessments on CodeCheck, live technical interviews on CodeLive, and virtual recruitment events with CodeEvent - all remotely and at scale. This brings faster hiring, time savings, and gives engineers more time to solve problems that matter.

World-class tech hiring teams at companies like Slack, Tesla and Unity choose Codility to:

  • Screen candidates remotely with online code tests
  • Host virtual tech interviews with our shared editor
  • Accelerate time-to-hire by identifying top candidates faster
  • Reduce unconscious bias and increase objectivity to support diversity
  • Arm hiring managers with high-quality insights into their candidates’ skills
  • Minimize false negatives and false positives with fair, reliable, and unbiased scoring

Since 2009, engineering hiring teams have been using Codility to attract, screen and interview candidates based on their real-life engineering and fundamental programming skills. The Codility assessment engine provides a clear signal as to which candidates are the most promising to advance based on technical skill. Hiring managers can use Codility to run remote live coding sessions with their candidates, all recorded and shareable directly via API or direct integration with your applicant tracking system.

Screen candidates accurately with CodeCheck Design role-specific remote skills assessments to screen candidates before moving them to the interview stage.

Run better remote interviews with CodeLive Give your candidate a virtual whiteboard marker and discuss problems together via our shared editor using a range of technologies and problems.

Hire at scale with CodeEvent Assess thousands of candidates at a time via technical recruiting events and find the best talent faster.

Empower your hiring managers with Codility for Employees Map the skills of your existing engineering teams and identify areas for L&D.

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