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Talent assessment software evaluates candidates and employees based on skills, behavior, or personality traits to help companies and HR departments make informed hiring decisions. While these solutions examine necessary skill sets, they more often identify potential mitigating factors and indicators of future success, such as cognitive abilities, work style, reactions to certain situations, and job-specific competencies. This is separate from technical skills screening software that examines a candidate’s technical skills like IT, engineering, coding, finance, or customer service. Soft skills, on the other hand, include organization, communication, problem solving, and motivation. Customized tests allow businesses to alter the test based on industry, position, and company culture. Hiring managers or HR departments assign tests based on departmental requirements or general inquiries. Team leaders identify potential sources of problems by examining personality and behavioral traits.

Talent assessment solutions may include a ready-made bank of questions and formattable templates. Others include personalized options, allowing users to mix up multiple-choice, true or false, or blank or open-ended questions. These tests are taken remotely or on-site and often provide real-time results and reports. These assessments may examine an employee or candidate’s personality, aptitude or cognitive abilities, behavioral patterns, and psychological factors.

Talent assessment software frequently integrates with applicant tracking systems (ATS)background check software, or reference check software.

To qualify for inclusion in the Talent Assessment category, a product must: Provide tools that test candidates’ aptitude, personality, behavior, and skills Include reporting tools that sort, compare, and analyze candidate results Integrate with ATS solutions for easy results management

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